Employers…the form-filling starts here! Here is a reminder of important deadlines for sending information (& money!) to HMRC.

If you are an employer the end of the tax year marks the start of the form-filling season! Also remember that all employers must file their year end returns electronically.

19 May 2013 – Employers’ year end (P35 and P14’s) due for submission. (For employers participating in the 2012/13 Real Time Information pilot, the final Full Payment Submission and if appropriate the Earlier Year Update replaces the requirement for these returns to be submitted but does not alter the deadline for information reporting.)

31 May 2013 – Employees must be provided with their P60 (certificate of pay and tax deducted).

6 July 2013 – Submission of P11Ds and P9Ds for 2012/13 which shows details of expenses paid and benefits provided to employees and directors. Employees must also be given a copy of their P11D/P9D by this date.

19 July 2013 (22 for cleared electronic payments) – Class 1A NIC for 2012/13 on most benefits provided to employees must be paid. Interest runs from this date on late payments.

18 October 2013 (22 for cleared electronic payments) – PAYE settlement agreement liabilities for 2012/13 are due, together with Class 1B NIC. Interest runs from this date on late payments.


Penalties are chargeable for late submission or incorrect returns.

Interest is due on late payments of PAYE, Classs1, 1A and 1B NIC, student loans and CIS deductions.

Penalties may also apply if there is more than one late payment of monthly/quarterly PAYE payments. This includes Class 1, student loans, CIS deductions and annual Class 1A and 1B NIC.

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